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Tree New Mexico’s Local, State and National Partners

It is thanks to our many partners and supporters that Tree New Mexico is such a productive and vital organization. Tree New Mexico partners with a variety of organizations at the local, state and national levels:


Tree New Mexico has worked with school groups and students of all ages since it was founded in 1990. To date, more than 7,000 students from 173 schools in 47 communities in New Mexico and Arizona have participated in our classroom sessions and activities. TNM provides guest teachers who give environmental education presentations based on trees and ecosystems; learning activities that engage children’s interest; appropriate educational materials to leave with each classroom; and trees for the school campus.


In the years since its inception, Tree New Mexico has provided trees and brought educational programs to more than 135 communities in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. We are committed to outreach and partnership, working with communities regardless of their size or location. Although many small communities lack the resources and technical expertise needed to establish and maintain formal community forestry programs, they do have the inspiration, volunteers, and commitment to plant and maintain trees in parks, open spaces, along streets, and in other greenspaces.

Federal and State Public Lands

Tree New Mexico provides trees and volunteer services to national forests, state parks, wildlife preserves, state monuments, etc. Our conservation efforts include replanting burn sites; restoring riparian zones along rivers, lakes, wetlands, and streams; and reclaiming lands damaged by over-grazing, often working with ranchers to rotate herds so that neither the environment nor the family business is lost.

Other Groups & Organizations

Tree New Mexico welcomes the opportunity to build relationships with other organizations and service groups, including neighborhood associations, businesses and corporations, Boy Scouts, Rotarians, Jaycees, Civitans, PTAs, school environmental and service clubs, churches, etc. Because these organizations generally have members who are already active in environmental and community activities, they offer an existing volunteer base from which to draw support for various projects. Tree New Mexico provides a convenient, quality means for the groups to get involved.



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