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Classroom Education

Since 1990, Tree New Mexico has brought the wonder of trees to the classroom, making presentations interactive, fun, and grade-appropriate. Our facilitators use discussion, storytelling, and hands-on activities to engage and inspire the students about the benefits of trees and keep them actively involved.

The presentations also incorporate teaching aids such as videotapes, books, posters, common and uncommon tree products (e.g., pencils, chopsticks, cinnamon, cork), and sample tree parts (trunk cross-sections, branches, leaves, pine cones, nuts, seed pods, etc.).


Throughout the year, Tree New Mexico holds training sessions for specific groups and the general public. Topics include: planning and site selection, tree selection, planting and care, proper pruning, insect and disease problems, species selection, windbreaks, riparian restoration, etc. TNM staff, along with experts from State Forestry, Cooperative Extension Service, BLM, and other agencies lead the trainings. We use TNM’s Citizen Tree Planting Training Manual as a basis for presentations and handouts.

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I am interest in any class that teaches me more about growing trees successfully.  I already have 15 baby trees, but worry constantly about whether I’m providing the correct care for each of them.  Please let me know if you have any seminars. Thanks!

I would like some information about your resources. I teach kindergarten on the westside of Albuquerque. We have 6 kindergarten classes at our school and are interested in visits to our classroom in the spring (March, April, or May). We could break into smaller groups, maybe three presentations to two classes at a time?

Hi, Thanks for visiting the Tree New Mexico website. We need a few more details from you and have sent you an email.

Hi Diane, Sorry we don’t have any seminars coming up. A quick rule of thumb is to mulch once every year or two, and depending on the tree watch for over or under watering. Thanks for visiting the Tree New Mexico website, Sue

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