New Mexico Big Tree Program

State Champion Rio Grande Cottonwood Bernalillo, NM

State Champion Rio Grande Cottonwood Bernalillo, NM

NM State Champion Rio Grande Cottonwood (Bernalillo Co.)NM

           The New Mexico Big Tree Program is an all-volunteer effort to measure, catalog and record the biggest trees around the state. To view the New Mexico Big Tree database, please click here.
Do you know of a big tree in your neighborhood? Think your tree can measure up to the big boys? Please call Jennifer Dann, Urban & Community Forestry Program Manager at New Mexico State Forestry for further information and assistance (505) 345-2200 ext. 104 
New Mexico State Forestry 

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In addition to my assigned task as Alaska’s Big Tree Coordinator, I have been a member of American Forests Measuring Guidelines Working Group.  We recently published an online 2015 Measuring Guidelines, to come up to speed with global and academic interest in a robust, accurate register of tree maxima.
Towards that end, we have set up workshops for those interested in National Cadre level big tree measuring methods, skills, and equipment.  On June 26, 27 we will be holding such a workshop in Durango Colorado.  
If you or members of your group would be interested in attending, please contact me (Don Bertolette,, Bob Leverett (, or Bryant Smith, National Big Tree Coordinator (

I have a 248 year old cottonwood in the Espanola valley and would think it has got to be in the top ten in the state if not better. However I do not know how you go about measurements. Can you help me out? Thanks James

daaaammm thats one honkin tree

Please call Jennifer Dann at NM State Forestry to help you measure your tree – congratulations! Sue

I currently have the state record for the Black Locust. My neighbor #73 has a Rio Grande cottonwood. I measured it an I believe it to be 90-100′ in height and has a canopy spread larger than the current record.The problem is the BHD which is 18′ but branched just above the measure point. It needs to be measured by a a expert. Please give it a shot

Please email us the location, and we will send a qualified expert to measure it.

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