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Dedication Tree Program


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Our Tree Dedication Program is an opportunity to honor and offer a living memorial to family, or friends, or to mark a special occasion in your life by dedicating a tree. Since 1990, Tree New Mexico has planted more than 7,500 trees to recognize births, deaths, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and other special occasions or events.

There are several options as outlined below, but for each one, you or the person you designate, will receive a beautiful certificate to mark the occasion.

Public Trees (in Albuquerque)

TNM can plant and dedicate large-caliper trees in Albuquerques public parks, or other open spaces. There is also some leeway for requests regarding specific parks or areas of the city and tree species. Each planting will include a recognition plaque under the tree. If requested, individuals or groups can make arrangements to participate in a dedication ceremony.

Reforestation Seedlings

This program uses site-appropriate seedlings to help reforest one of New Mexicos national forests or state parks in order to speed recovery after a fire or other natural events.

If you are interested in our Dedication Tree Program, please contact Shari Griffin at 505-265-4554 or email If you're ready to dedicate your tree, you may either fill out and submit the online form (below), or print it out and mail to:

Tree New Mexico
Attn: Tree Dedication Program
P.O. Box 81827
Albuquerque, NM 87198

Dedication Tree Order Form

Dedicated to:
Your first name:
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Address 1:(Where to mail the dedication card)
Postal Code:
Address 2:(Where to mail the PMT receipt )
Postal Code:
Phone: 123-456-7890

Seedling Trees:
$30 - Plant 5 seedlings in one of New Mexicos national forests or state parks
$50 - Plant 10 seedlings in one of New Mexicos national forests or state parks
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Plant the number of seedlings you specify. $5 per tree

Larger Trees:
$250 - Plant a large caliper tree in one of Albuquerque's public spaces
Other - Plant the number of trees you specify. $250 per large tree

If you would like to plan a tree dedication ceremony please call to arrange (505-265-4554).

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