Rio Grande Nature Center, Bosque Albuquerque

Rio Grande Nature Center, Bosque Albuquerque

Mission Statement

Tree New Mexico is dedicated to ensuring sustainable forests in urban and rural communities and natural areas through restoration, public education and advocacy. About Us >>

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Wait a minute! We live in the desert! Don’t trees use a lot of water? What happened to xeriscaping? Surprise! Trees bring rain! Learn more >>

Our Goals:

  • Build strong and effective partnerships with all levels of public and private organizations.
  • Plant and care for trees in forests, along rivers and in urban and community areas on public lands.
  • Provide environmental tree-based education for citizens of all ages.
  • Serve as an urban and community forestry advocate.
  • Outreach to under-served communities.
  • Build public awareness about the importance of trees in their communities and the nation.
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November 9 Tree Giveaways a Huge Success!!

Tree New Mexico distributed over 500 trees in Las Cruces, Deming and Silver City with the incredible assistance of our local partners in each community. We know these trees will be a valuable addition to the urban forests in these communities. Our thanks to San Juan Nursery for the wonderful trees they delivered for us to distribute.



These events are made possible with the generous support of PNM Resources.




I love trees! their beauty! their oxygen production! :-)
I am also allergic to many of them. I know Albuquerque has a list of acceptable, less-allergenic trees that can be planted here.
Do you address this issue in your work?

I’m not sure what you mean by “addressing it in our work.” We certainly do not plant or advocate planting trees that the city prohibits.
It is important to note that pollens travel great distances in the air, especially in our spring winds, and eliminating trees from our planting palette is not a particularly helpful way of addressing allergies.

Are there Pine trees that thrive in New Mexico. I am originally from the northwest and love trees, especially pines. Also are free or low cost native trees available? What are the State policies on non native tree species.

Absolutely! There are a number of pines that grow in New Mexico. Depending on your elevation and rainfall different ones may be appropriate. Pinyon, ponderosa, Afgan, white, and black pine are among the choices. Some are native, others are well-adapted varieties.
Low cost native trees are available from New Mexico State Forestry (check their website) and from some of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Tree New Mexico occasionally makes trees available when we have the grant funding to do so.
Policies on non native tree species tend to be local rather than state driven. Check with your county’s Agricultural Extension Service.

Is the “Blue Tree” paint used in the Albuquerque art project associated with the blue paint experimentation projects going on at an Oregon University? I remember reading that blue pigment has been shown to be the best color for restricting the sun’s heat and UVA/UVB penetration.

Where can I get free plants or trees, seeds etc. Thank you

I’m not familiar with the blue paint experimentation projects, so, no it is not associated.

I am unaware of any sources currently supplying free plants or seeds.

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