Rio Grande Nature Center, Bosque Albuquerque

Rio Grande Nature Center, Bosque Albuquerque

Mission Statement

Tree New Mexico is dedicated to ensuring sustainable forests in urban and rural communities and natural areas through restoration, public education and advocacy. About Us >>

Learning Programs

Wait a minute! We live in the desert! Don’t trees use a lot of water? What happened to xeriscaping? Surprise! Trees bring rain! Learn more >>

Our Goals:

  • Build strong and effective partnerships with all levels of public and private organizations.
  • Plant and care for trees in forests, along rivers and in urban and community areas on public lands.
  • Provide environmental tree-based education for citizens of all ages.
  • Serve as an urban and community forestry advocate.
  • Outreach to under-served communities.
  • Build public awareness about the importance of trees in their communities and the nation.
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TNM Looking For New Board Members!

Tree New Mexico is looking to expand its Board of Directors. We are looking for environmentally conscious applicants who are passionate about urban forestry and ideally have past experience in marketing or have worked in the legal field. Past participation on a Board of Directors is also recommended.

If you are interested, contact Suzanne Probart at (505)265-4554.


Did You Know…….

Desert Willow pic

….that the Desert Willow is the official tree of Albuquerque!!!

  TNM’s ABQ NeighborWoods Kickoff                

Tree New Mexico’s ABQ NeighborWoods program kicked off in Wells Park on Earth Day with a planting event that engaged over 75 volunteers who planted 110 trees in left-over spaces throughout the neighborhood!!

Homeowners also received an additional 100 trees for their yards along with several training sessions on tree planting and maintenance.

Thanks to Councilor Benton  and to the neighborhood leaders and volunteers!

Does your neighborhood want to participate?  Contact Tree New Mexico for more details.

WP Tree Planting Pic










I live in the wells park area and noticed new trees I wish there had a notice put on My door could have ccalled to receive a tree my front bedroom.and living room gets so hot. I use a swamp cooler wasn’t home when they knocker on my door wish they would have left message is it too late to get a tree planted??
1244 7th st nw
Albuquerque nm 87102. Thank u for all u do priscilla

I am interested in a couple of things:

1) More info on volunteering with Tree NM. I work Saturdays, but am wondering what opportunities there are throughout the week and throughout the year.
2) Where to find the trees on the recommended for Albuquerque list? I would like to buy one or two. Also, is there anyone that sells fairly good size trees to start with?

Thank you for your assistance, Brenda Carroll

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for visiting the Tree New Mexico Website – very appreciated! We can put you on our mailing list for volunteer opportunities if that is ok with you. Also, we use Trees of Corrales here in Albuquerque, but they may be a wholesaler. However if you contact them they can probably steer you in the right direction. Thanks!

Hi Priscilla, The Wells Park planting was really fun and a great success! I am sorry but yes is too late at this time to plant a tree for you through the ABQ NeighborWoods program. We do have a list of recommended trees to plant in our area right here on this website, so please take a look! Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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